Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vested Scarf

2/20 EDIT: 
Thanks to the advice of my friend, Katie, I have tried this once again, and can now claim success!! The trick is to tie it with pretty much just the fringe of the scarf and pull the scarf down further in the back. Way better!

I tried it with both a patterned shirt and a plain shirt and I am pleased with the results. The backside still isn't super flattering, whether the scarf is above the rear or below it, but I'm ok with people not checking out my backside anyway. I hear this also looks good with a chunky belt. I don't have a chunky belt to try this with, but I am thinking Katie is probably right, as she was certainly right with her other tips! Thanks, Katie, for showing me the error of my ways!

ORIGINAL POST: Ok, I'm not as fashion forward as I would like to be. My idea of getting dressed is getting out of my pajama pants and into my comfy yoga pants. (I totally stole that from facebook.) Who am I kidding? I should just call them what they are - stretch/sweat pants - I don't do yoga. However, when I have the opportunity to go out and about, I try to at least wear a scarf; scarves always dress things up. Isn't that the rule? Ok...maybe you shouldn't take fashion advice from me. Either way, I saw this neat idea on Pinterest to turn your scarf into a vest, so naturally I gave it a try. To see more details on how to do this, check out this blog.
Photo from Pinterest

This was so very simple and the directions were easy to follow. Alas, as hip as it may look in the above picture - I did not like the look it gave me. In fact, I felt a little hefty wearing my scarf this way. 

A paper bag may have given me more shape than this look did. I will not, however, go so far as to throw my scarves away, for there are many ways to wear them. Check it: 

Photo from Pinterest
I personally am partial to #1 and #5 for tying my scarves. There are other pins on Pinterest with even more ways of tying your scarves, but I leave it with this for now. I don't want you to feel strangled by my blog about scarves. Get it? Strangled, because you would be wearing a scarf and it could stra....'re right. Moving on. 

I hope you've found this little tip useful and maybe you'll try out the vested scarf and maybe it'll look good on you! If it does, that's awesome; don't show me - I don't want to end up disliking you over this. 


  1. I tried this today on a Lark after seeing you post it here, and this is what I figured out. Firstly, notice how in her picture she ties a VERY small knot, and yours is kind of big and bulky... this makes a big difference. I tried it a few times, and found that it works best when I tied the fringy end with almost only the fringes so it's a nice thin knot.

    Secondly, it looks better if you pull it down a bit more in the back so the knotted section sits lower on your back. If you wear it too close to your neck it looks weird. Also, thin scarves work best.

    Lastly, I belted mine with a nice chunky belt and it really helped. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your tips, Katie! :) I did try this a few different times as well (I'm not much for giving up after the first try) :), the best results being from the picture I took. However, I thought it seemed a bit bulky as well. I'm sure using pretty much just the fringe end will help. With how it fit, I wasn't really able to pull it down further in the back, but I will give it a try with a smaller knot as you recommend.

      A chunky belt sounds WAYYY adorable! I'm certain that would help. I don't have any of those, but if I get one, I'll give that a try too. I'm so glad you gave this a try and it worked out for you. I appreciate your tips and I will try it again sometime with your tips and tricks. :)

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  2. Heidi, I think some of it was the fabric and how it hangs, and yes also because your "arm holes" don't hang down as much in the back. But hey, you tried it! Thanks for sharing the ways to tie scarves. #5 looks especially cool, and I love that these look like good options for those really long scarves I otherwise wouldn't know what to do with!