Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Etched Glass Vase

It's coming up. The day when florists have the most deliveries. The day when many, many people say "IS THAT TODAY?!" and run to the store to find slim pickins of any chance of Valentine's Day card for anybody other than their dentist. I'm here to help you out - with another reminder. Valentine's Day is coming up! And, also to give you another idea. Flowers are always a nice gift to give or receive. They require little thought but are beautiful and someone else puts them together! What a simple solution! But, what if we were to go one step further and make it a little more special...say, designing your own vase? I know, most (if not all) of you who read my blog are ladies, but I've done this for my mom (my sister and I have been her stand-in Valentine since my dad passed away over 6 years ago) and for friends for birthdays and whathaveyou and they have really enjoyed it as well. Plus, you could use this for any kind of smooth glass that you think it would look cool on. Consider the possibilities!

To find out how to make the DIY Etched Glass Vase, check it out here.

This project was so very simple and easy and took practically no time at all. And, if you have kids, it's a great way to get them involved in the gift making process. They can, at least help put rubber bands on a vase, my nephew helped me with this. (I wouldn't recommend having help with the spraying part...that could be a little more dangerous.)  The other cool thing about this is, if you had a stencil, you could spray paint in the stencil so you could have a letter or a heart or whatnot instead of just lines from rubber bands. So many ideas and so cool!

Couple more quick tips:  
*Spray paint where there's a lot of ventilation - either outside or in a garage or shed. 
*Don't remove the rubber bands until it's completely dry and the paint can chip when removing the rubber bands, so be sure to do it very carefully. 
*Where the rubber bands have been removed, the edges will feel a little raise and rough - not to worry, just rub gently with your hands to remove the excess - it works wonderfully. 
*You don't have to use the etched glass spray paint - I just got glitter spray paint and I am SUPER excited to try that next. 

It'll be so great to be able to personalize any flowers you may be giving somebody - it shows that you cared enough to go the extra mile (even though it takes practically no time, but we don't need to share that. *wink wink*)

One last little piece of advice - since those flowers won't last forever, something I read on Pinterest recommended having little sheets of paper next to a jar and anytime you have a wonderful memory from this year, put it in the jar - then, on New Year's Eve, take out those little sheets and relive all the wonderful joys of the past year. What a great way to have that vase just keep on giving!


  1. Do not wash things that have been treated with this pain in the dishwasher. I did a whole slew (about 2 dozen) frosted mason jars for a party this last summer, and then without thinking tossed them into the dishwaswer when the party was done, and now they are all white and cracked looking. NOT COOL!

    1. Good tip! Thanks for that. So, hand-wash only!

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