Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shredding Chicken - The Easy Way

I like to make chicken enchiladas for dinner. The enchiladas I make are not a Pinterest recipe. Actually, it's a recipe from my cousin and it is very yummy. Maybe I'll post it sometime. The worst part about making chicken enchiladas? The shredding chicken process. It can be daunting and time consuming. And, let's face it - that is 10 minutes I could spend looking up more fun stuff on Pinterest!

However, I have learned a new trick! Did you know, there is a far easier way of shredding chicken then by using two forks and scraping? Indeed there is! To find out how, Pinterest told me to go to: This blog even has a recipe to go along with this great method of shredding chicken. For this blog, I'm just gonna focus on the shredding chicken part though.

So, anyway, I gave it a try the other day when I made my Crockpot Italian Chicken, for which I need shredded chicken. Here is a pic of my 4 cooked chicken breasts ready to be mixed.

Turn on the mixer and, as Simply Healthy Fam's blog recommends, you should turn your blender onto speed 4-6 and in just 20 seconds you'll have perfect restaurant-style chicken.

It did not turn out quite perfectly for me, but it still worked fairly well. I ended up running it for more like 40-60 seconds and, unless you are wanting chicken the consistency of chicken in a can, you will not want to mix it for that long. 

Either way, this is something I will be doing again. It worked really well, took no time and was worth the extra dirty dish that it created. I'm so excited to eat more meals with shredded chicken now! 

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