Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Sun Catchers

A friend of mine asked me to try this out for my blog and I willingly obliged, after all, they are quite beautiful! And, how fun to try to make them on your own! To find out how to make these beautiful sun catchers on your own, check it out here. I'm gonna tell you how it all went down for me.

To be completely honest, this project was a little more trouble than it was worth. I really didn't expect it to be all that hard, but just getting the string to lay down properly was a challenge. The swirly hearts were a bit easier to lay down and form the string, but the one where you are connecting lines - forgeddaboudit.

Look at the #2 "heart" - yeah...not easy at all, I tell ya. Maybe it's just me though??

After the glue dried, my son got ahold of the hearts and threw them on the floor and danced on top of them (let's hope this isn't a sign of what he'll do in the future). So, the only one that was salvageable was the curly heart - the one with the stripes was utterly destroyed and obviously, the #2 heart wasn't even worth attempting. Also, because my son had removed all of the hearts from the wax paper, they may not have been able to peel away from the wax paper the way they were supposed to be able to.

The next part was fun, though. My nephew was over so he and I added the glue and a little red (and later blue) water color to the mixture. My nephew was a little annoyed with the next part as it was a LOOOOONG waiting game - which the blog does say. The blog says it can take 24 hours or more to dry. So, unfortunately, my nephew didn't get to see this project through to the end, but he had fun with what he was able to do. 

This is what it looked like when it was all done. I actually thought it looked pretty neat! However, trying to pry it from wax paper ended up tearing it more than anything. 

So, I decided to just cut out the wax paper instead and that seemed to work just as well. 

I'm happy with the end result, but I doubt I will make these again. The frustration of trying to get the string to lay just so proved to be too much for someone as impatient as I. 

However, if you would still like to try this project, I have a few recommendations: be prepared to spend a significant amount of time shaping the string where you want it to lay. Also, be sure to leave the string on the wax paper once it's dry - that may help with the tearing when you are trying to remove it from the wax paper. Lastly, don't do this with a toddler - you may go crazy. 


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