Sunday, February 10, 2013

Candy With Love!

Awww, love is in the air. Well, at least lots of red and pink candy hearts and jewelry and mushy cards and all that jazz are in the stores. I like the chance to give gifts. And, if I'm being honest, I also like the chance to receive gifts. Heartfelt, loving, sentimental gifts. Those are my favorite kind to give. Although, sometimes the cheesy, silly, cute gifts are fun too. Last year, one of the gifts I gave to my husband was a giant candy card. I stole the idea from Pinterest, but alas, there is no blog to refer you to. Here is a picture though:

Photo from Pinterest

I thought this was a cute idea, but found it to be quite challenging to find a piece of paper large enough and strong enough to hold the message and the candy, without spending more money on poster board and whatnot. I ended up using some scrap cardboard that was in my recycling and covered it in paper (a Pampers box doesn't exactly work for writing a message and it certainly doesn't make you think of Valentine's Day - unless you think of the little diapered or diaperless angel baby, Cupid.)

I also adjusted some of the phrasing so that it would fit with the candies my husband might enjoy most. Here's what I ended up with.

Super corny, but also kinda cute in a not-as-put-together-as-I-would've-liked sort of way.

If you are looking to make your own gifts (for pretty much anything) and you'd be interested in using candy, I found this on Pinterest too: a blog that has a gazillion sayings for different candies!

Hopefully this little post will get your creative juices flowing and you'll be able to have a whopper of a good time making something that your sweet will enjoy (whether candy-related or otherwise)...if nothing else, at least it's a good reminder that Valentine's Day is on Thursday!

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