Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Storing sheets

My linen closet used to be in complete disarray. Not that it's much to look at anyway, but finding the pillow cases that matched the sheet set I was using, was definitely a challenge. Until I discovered this fantastic idea! The pin that I pinned didn't actually have a link, but it's a great tip. 

Photo from Pinterest

This really does work quite well. A few things I've discovered though, it can be frustrating putting the sheets into the pillow cases as they tend to be like jello, moving this way and that, and would be all balled up inside the pillow case by the time I had them in there. Quite frustrating indeed. It's probably the way I fold my sheets though.

But, I've figured out a way to get my sheets to lay flat in the pillow cases: put the sheets in carefully, guiding them gently (not like putting a pillow case on a pillow), straighten them out once they are in the pillow case...and, of course, brute force.

I'd still choose this method over trying to dig for the sheet set that I'm using. It really takes very little time, it works quite well and keeps things in better order in my linen closet.

It's just a little tip that I have appreciated and thought I'd pass it along.

Obviously, it's not as pretty as the above picture, but it sure works well!

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