Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beaded Foot Jewelry

Do you long for warmer weather, longer days and being barefoot without your feet feeling like you may get frostbite from walking around your kitchen? I certainly do. I am a warm weather gal. I thrive in sunshine. I love soaking in the sunshine and the restoration I feel after doing so. It rejuvenates me. I don't mind the cooler weather occasionally, especially if it snows or rains really hard, but the misty, foggy, gray weather is something I can do without. Obviously, I can't change the weather, but I can tell you about a project to get you ready for summer. One that you could easily complete (multiples of, in fact) before summer hits! You will be one stylin' lady on the beach, at the pool, in your yard or wherever with these little beauties. Let's get an early summer started for ourselves with a little bit of crafting prep, shall we?

Photo from Pinterest
You may have seen this on Pinterest. These are known as Beaded Foot Jewelry. My sister and I made them last summer with great success. I love the ones I made. We tried to make as close to a replica of the picture above as we could and we were quite pleased with the way they turned out. But, the nice thing is, they can be made however you want them and with whatever colors you may want!

My attempt
My sister was really good at this little project. You do have to be patient, and if you are good with beads, this will be no problem for you. But, if you are like may struggle just a bit. I have fumble-y fingers. I tried to do another set of these on my own, but the beads kept slipping off of the string I was using. I gave up...or, shall we say "put it on hold for a while." I wanna complete it sometime. Having something decorative and blingy on your feet is just fun!
This picture looks weird with my son's little foot in it, but I like it anyway. He's got such a cute little foot! 
Next time I do this, though, I will have someone to do it with again. Doing it with my sister was just plain fun and if I'm gonna do something just to do it, it had better be a good time! So, I'd recommend this project. Especially as you are beating the winter blues.  It really wasn't very expensive either. I think, between the two of us we spent about $20. And, I'm certain you could get it even cheaper if you have a coupon for your favorite craft store. You just have to be a savvy shopper and this could cost you next to nothing. Plus, you will most certainly have beads and string leftover to make more if you wanted...maybe as gifts? Or to go with a favorite shirt? So, let's drink something tropical, turn on some oldies or Jimmy Buffett or whatever makes you feel like you could be on an island somewhere, turn up the heat and have some fun!

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