Thursday, January 17, 2013

Loaded Breakfast Biscuits

Of all the meals in the day, breakfast may be my favorite. My husband is not a breakfast fan and I'm not into starting my day with cooking a grand meal that only I (and possibly my son, when he feels like it) will eat. So, finding a make-ahead meal that is still hearty and doesn't take too long to prepare seemed like just the ticket!

I found this recipe at It looked so tasty. So, I gave it a try. 

I followed the recipe exactly as it was written in richestoragsbydori's blog and even bought the four pack of mini biscuits. What I ended up with a ridiculous amount of bacon and hashbrowns leftover, but everything else was just the right amount. 

I would've liked to have been able to stuff more ingredients into these bite-sized biscuits, but even with that complaint, you can see - they weren't lacking on stuffing. Maybe it's the glutton in me...

When I started making these, I tried laying out all the biscuits and then adding the ingredients. However, trying to pick them up and pinch them closed proved to be a bit of a challenge as the stuffing would all start to fall out as Miss Delicate and Graceful here would try to pick them up. It was quite the sight, watching me try and keep the It seemed to work better when I made them each individually in my hand instead. The biscuits didn't start to burst on the bottom and I may have been able to fill them a little bit more since nothing was falling out as easily. 

Would I make this again? Most likely not, or at least not often. It really did take all morning to make them. I think it would be easier to make breakfast burritos. These are great as a special treat though. And, they really did taste delicious. I love the idea of putting different toppings on them, such as gravy or pico de gallo, or whatever floats your fancy. I'm happy, though, that I now have some great little loaded breakfast biscuits for my mornings when I want a little more oomph in my breakfast. I just pull 2 or 3 out of the freezer, nuke them in the microwave and have myself a mini-gourmet breakfast. 

In conclusion, as long as you don't mind taking a bit of time in the kitchen, these really are tasty little treats and they make quite a batch, as you can see. I hope you will try them for yourself, if for no other reason than the fact that you are trying something new. Sometimes that's all the excuse you need. Now, if you'll excuse me; they seem to be calling my name. Yum, yum!

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