Monday, January 21, 2013

Dry erase marker + washer/dryer = no more shrunken sweaters!

The title says it all, folks! I recently went on a surprise trip to Disneyland for my birthday. I know, I'm INCREDIBLY spoiled! Part of the gift of the trip (as if the trip wasn't enough by itself!) was my choice of any (1) article of clothing. Seeing as how I am a stay-at-home mommy, sweatshirts are my go-to clothing choice. Unfortunately, pretty much every time I've tried to find a sweatshirt at Disneyland, they always have a character on them and, outside of wearing them in the parks, I know I wouldn't honestly wear it much. So, I usually just get our traditional mouse ears (yes, we are that nerdy and, yes, I know we wouldn't wear those anywhere other than in the parks...probably) and longingly wish for a sweatshirt that is cute and not too...animated.  This trip clinched it for me! I found the perfect sweatshirt!

Cute, right? The sweatshirt, that is. 

Anyway, I was so very excited to find it! Unfortunately, the only size they had was a size smaller than I would normally buy or ones that would be quite a bit too big on me. I was pretty disappointed...for a moment. Until I decided "hey! I'll just NEVER dry it - it'll be a-ok!" So, we bought it! I've been incredibly nervous about washing it, thinking surely I would forget and it would end up in the dryer which, in turn, would mean my dear little 4-year-old niece would end up with my wonderful long-awaited, slightly expensive sweatshirt.

In steps Pinterest to save the day! Did you know that you can use a dry-erase marker on your washer/dryer to remind you not to put things in the dryer (or, for whatever else you may choose to write on there)? You probably did. But, I didn't...until Pinterest. YAY! There's no blog to this - it was just a picture. So, here's my picture as an example.

My fear was gone! I did keep my Disneyland sweatshirt out of the dryer and it is still the same, wonderful size it was when I bought it! YAY!! (By the way, my Wicked the Musical sweatshirt also stayed out of the dryer and will not experience anymore shrinkage, just in case you were wondering.)

The writing did wipe off of the dryer easily as well, however there was a slight green color on the dryer after wiping it off. You can just take a wet washcloth or some windex and it'll look as bright as ever. 

I will definitely be doing this again! What a life (er...sweatshirt) saver!

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  1. Ok. NOW I'm excited. I have too many things that don't go in the dryer, and an occasionally too helpful laundry minion. (Yeah, I just called him that. Shhhh!) I haven't lost anything yet, but my sweaters will be very happy to never feel the heat again.