Monday, January 28, 2013

Hair straightener holder from a pot holder

Are you one of those people that can't leave the house without making sure your hair is just right? Do you find that it is difficult to accomplish this when you are traveling to or from a destination and your destination requires you getting up before the sun is even up in order to beautify yourself before you can truly pack everything you need for said trip leaving you with the conundrum of whether you have time to use your straightener or curling iron and still have time to let it cool down and pack it before you leave? I don't often travel. However, when I do,  I like to take my flat iron because beautifying does not get a vacation. Unless I'm at home. Then, hello pajamas, no make-up and chocolate! Yeehaw!

Anyway, as stated above, sometimes it's unfortunate the amount of time you need to wait to put that hot iron into your suitcase for traveling because of it having just worked hard for you and needing some time to cool off. Cool off time is no longer necessary!

Introducing the Flat Iron Holder. This project was so easy and simple. I don't know why I didn't think of it. I tell you, sometimes I just need things spelled out for me. 

All you need is a pot holder and a very small amount of sewing skills. I bought a pot holder, and decided to embellish it using my amazing silhouette cameo fabric ink kit and once that all dried, I sewed it together as described in the link above. 

The sewing was very simple and took very little time; sewing down one side and around the bottom half of the pot holder. 

And, voila! Completed! This project took maybe 10 minutes, other than the painting which was just an added perk. So simple, and such a great idea. Granted, I doubt I will put my hot iron in immediately after use, but still, the reassurance that even if it's still warm it (and everything around it) will be safe makes this a fantastic project and I'm very excited about this. I have not tried this with a curling iron since I don't own one, but I'm assuming if you buy a big enough pot holder, that should work with this idea as well. 

Some people may think this idea is silly, I mean really, who can't go without their flat iron for a day? But, there are those I know who will be thrilled with this because...yeah...really there are those who can't go without their flat iron for a day. Whether you are one of those or not, this simple project is worth a looksy, and may just be a great gift idea as well.

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