Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cookie Dough Scoops = The Multi-Scooper-Tool!

I found this tip on Pinterest once, but for the life of me, I can't locate it now. That's the biggest problem with pinning so many things; you have so many things pinned, you forget where to look sometimes!

Anyway, this is a short, sweet and to the point blog. Here are some great tips for your cookie dough scoopers:

1)  Use it to scoop muffin mix or cupcake mix into cupcake liners!! I'm sure many of you already knew this, but this was a new idea to me. Such a simple solution and yet, I never thought of it!

2) If you are having a bunch of kids (or adults) over for a little party and you plan on serving ice cream, use your cookie dough scooper or ice cream scoop and scoop the ice cream into cupcake liners and put the pan with the ice cream back in the freezer. Now you have pre-scooped ice cream ready to go! No more I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream; there won't be time for that with ice cream already being munched on before you get past the "I."

Who knew you could use your cookie dough scoop for scooping things other than cookie dough. Novel idea, I tell ya. I have to say, I do feel a bit ridiculous having not figured this one out on my own. It's a simple solution that I just hadn't thought of...hopefully somebody else will be in the same boat with me and will have never thought of it either. Anybody? Anybody at all?

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