Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Stovetop Christmas Scent

I tried and did my first test post on November 29, 2012. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

This was pinned from http://www.make-it-do.com/make-it/the-smells-of-the-season/ blog. It looked so beautiful and obviously wouldn't put any harmful chemicals in the air at my home, I just had to give it a try. Basically, it's a lovely smelling (and looking) potpourri. To see how it's made, go to the link above (and I highly recommend that you do!) When I made this, I expected it to look pretty, but not quite as beautiful as it turned out. Here is the picture from right after it was made
Beautiful, no? It smelled divine also! In Make-It-Do's blog, she says to put the lovely potpourri on the smallest burner and on the lowest heat. Seriously...do this! I turned mine up just slightly above "low" and it was boiling in a matter of minutes. It did make my home smell wonderful, but it's not necessary. It will end up smelling heavenly anyway. As the water from the pot dissolves from the heat, be sure to add more. AND remember to turn off your burner when going to bed or leaving home. After 6 days, the potpourri wasn't looking so pretty, as you can see below.
But, it still smelled really nice and I used it for a few more days before I finally tossed it and made it up again. I would HIGHLY recommend making this. It certainly does give your home a wonderful Christmastime smell and is so very easy to make. Enjoy!


  1. Excellent first post! I appreciate that, without giving the instructions, you give tips on how the idea works. Uniquely your experience, and helpfully related to the pinned project.

    I can't wait to see more!

  2. Awesome post! Looking forward to more! I've gotcha bookmarked! :)