Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clean Your Pillows!

I did it! I cleaned my pillows. I was always pretty weary about doing so because I didn't want to ruin my perfectly wonderful feather pillow. It was during the summer, and I don't have the pictures to prove it - but my feather pillow came out fluffier and puffier than ever and I'm pretty sure I've been sleeping better since I've washed it.

I then went on a mission and washed every pillow in my house. Including my Boppy pillow. I found out how to wash and dry my pillows from which, of course, I found through Pinterest.

It really wasn't hard to do. You will need to have a couple of tennis balls inside tube socks for the dryer so that the fluff inside the pillows doesn't bunch too much.

Here are some of the before and after pillow cleaning pictures:

Before washing
After washing
Before washing - notice how un-fluffified the Boppy is!
After washing - look at the glory of the fluffiness of the two pillows!
It took one run through the washing machine, 1-2 runs through the dryer and the pillows were as good as new. I did, however, have a lovely smelling fabric softener in my dryer that was semi-permanently in there - that gave my pillows a stronger smell than I would've liked. This time around, the fabric softener was not in there, and I'm happier about that. So, I personally, would not recommend fabric softener or strong-smelling detergent. But, seriously, use what you have. The smell didn't last that long.

I'd highly recommend washing your pillows at least every 3-6 months. It's nice to get them rejuvenated and fluffy again! Don't be afraid to wash your pillows, like I was. The results are terrific.

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