Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake: Slow Cooker Style

I love homemade desserts and I love my crock pot. So, when I found a recipe that combined both on Pinterest, so it was, of course, on my must-try list! 2.5 hours later and BAM it's done. 

The recipe I found came from It was incredibly easy to make and didn't take too long to prepare. And, really the wait wasn't too bad seeing as how a normal dessert takes that long when you consider preparation, baking and cooling time. 

As it was finishing up, it did not look so very appetizing or pretty and, in my opinion, smelled slightly burnt. However, my husband came home after it was done being made and he thought it smelled wonderful...maybe it was just the fact that it was being cooked on high for 2 to 2.5 hours and I was worried about burning it.  

After it was dished up and was paired with some ice cream, it really did look quite tasty though. 

My final consensus: I would not recommend eating this without ice cream. In fact, I may just recommend eating ice cream without this. It was definitely not my favorite. It was very fudgy, almost like pudding...with a few more cakey spots. My mom, my husband and myself all were in agreement; glad we tried it, happy to not try it again. But, it was worth a shot...just not a shot I want to take again. My son, however, did like it. That could just be because he loves anything that's sweet though. 

And to leave you on a positive: You may have also noticed my crockpot liner in the first picture. A friend of mine introduced me to them, and I haven't had to scrub my crock pot since. Incredible, I tell ya! They make clean-up so very easy, I'd recommend them to EVERYBODY. They look a lot like oven bags that you use for turkeys and such. Anyway, you should check them out - I highly recommend them. 

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