Thursday, March 27, 2014

Paleo Pancakes - The Fail

WELCOME to another Pinterest fail... :)

I tried another new recipe yesterday. As I'm on my path to healthy eating (cutting out a significant amount of soy, sugar, dairy and wheat), I find myself wanting to cheat, like, all the time. Seriously. I always want something that I can't have. So, I generally do cheat. I don't mind - being more careful and aware is better than not being careful or aware at all. If you attempt to cut everything out cold turkey, you may just fail. Or maybe that's just me. Either way, because I know this about myself, I allow myself to cheat on occasion. But, because I'm trying really *really* hard not to cheat, I'm looking for alternatives to some staples that I used to make. One staple being pancakes. Normally my husband makes them, and they are AMAZING! I, recently, have been making them for my son with sweet potatoes in them and he's been really enjoying them. But, because the  pancake mix has soy and wheat, I'm not necessarily supposed to have it. So, I decided to do a search for a paleo pancake recipe. And I found several. Though, I warn you, the results weren't that great and you may just want to skip the rest of this post. Seriously, some of the pictures are graphic and unappetizing. But, if you are interested - you may carry on. :)

Photo from Pinterest
The first recipe I tried was here. I followed the recipe precisely, except that I added in sweet potatoes and cinnamon because it was such a big success with the other pancakes I had been making. Maybe that's where I went wrong?

It's all looking good thus far and it smelled good too! And, just in case you were wondering, almond flour can be a bit pricey, but they now offer a ginormous bag at Costco, so that's good to know!

After all the ingredients were mixed together and my pan had been oiled with coconut oil, I put in my first pancake.

Uh oh, do you see how dark the bottom looks? That didn't take long. Do you see how soft the top looks? was that soft. And...flip!

I felt like I was maneuvering an incredibly difficult magic trick (obviously I've done very little magic in my life) and had little success. Here is a fuzzy image of what it looked like when the first one was done. Burnt side down.

I then tried one more, just to see if I could get different results. The batter was supposed to bubble, like normal pancakes would, so this was the closest it got to bubbling.

4 or 5 non-popping bubbles. Seems like this one may be a bit better!

Nope. And no pictures to prove it. I wasn't interested in another picture of this disaster.

So, I thought to myself, there was another recipe I had seen that I'd like to try. To see that recipe, go here.

Now, I can't fault this recipe at all. I may have to try it without the previous recipe already being involved. But, I used a few of the ingredients from thespunkycoconut's recipe and tried again. looked even less appetizing.

However, I still finished it up - after I scrambled it like scrambled eggs and made for an uber nasty looking batch of...tortured pancakes. (Shield your eyes now if you are eating as you read's gonna be ugly...)

Yeah...not so great. However, it tasted a little bit better than the first batch. And, by golly, I ate it. Well, some of it anyway. I made my son eat a few bites too...although he kept begging me to stop making him eat it. Just kidding. It had syrup, so he was fine. But, really, neither of us liked it that much. I may try the second recipe again, but the first one was certainly a flop and I wasn't able to redeem it, despite my efforts. There you have it. My Pinterest fail for the day. Hopefully the month. And now, I'm gonna take another cheat and have some *real* pancakes. *wink*

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  1. Hate when things flop like that! We have a favorite Paleo Pancake recipe. You can try it here: Hopefully you'll have better luck! ;)