Monday, March 17, 2014

Storing Celery

This post has been a long time coming. Really. I tried this test probably 6 months ago, but then forgot to check it out later - or compare it with a different method to see if it actually worked. I finally got around to trying it again and I'm quite pleased I did!

Did you know that if you wrap celery in tin foil it will last longer? True story. I found this out through a test. To read more about long-term produce storage, check out this link.

Here's how I tested this theory. I took two healthy, ripe heads of celery. I wrapped one as I traditionally would - in a paper towel, and I wrapped the other one in tin foil.

I put them in my fridge and used them as needed. After just one week, the celery in the paper towel had wilted and was limp, while the celery in the tin foil was still strong and tight.

I'd say this test was a definitely success. So, in the future, I will continue to wrap my celery in tin foil. This was definitely a handy trick that I'm glad I learned! I hope it helped you too.

Celery that was in a paper towel
Celery that was in tin foil

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