Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Soy-Free Soy Sauce

Life with a newborn is always interesting - learning their likes and dislikes, getting into new sleep habits (or lack of sleep at all), enjoying the smiles you get and hurting when the crying doesn't stop. One of the things I've discovered about our newborn is that she has a very sensitive tummy and a very low tolerance for discomfort. Because of this, I've given up dairy, cut down on my sugar intake and have gone soy free (mostly). On this adventure of discovering what I can eat in order to not upset my sensitive girl's tummy, I have been scrolling through Pinterest quite frequently. Soy is in far more than I ever would've expected, and my husband loves stir fry, so not using soy sauce presented a bit of a frustration. However, thanks, yet again, to the amazingness that is Pinterest, I found a soy-free soy sauce recipe!

Photo from Pinterest

One of the things I discovered on my quest to be soy free is that one of the ingredients in this recipe calls for bouillon, and a lot of bouillons also have soy - so watch out for that if you are trying to avoid soy as well.

The only bouillon I had that did not have soy in it was cubed chicken bouillon and it worked wonderfully. The recipe in the blog posted above does not give you exact measurements, so I'll give you the run down of what I used:

3 tablespoons of vinegar and guesstimated about 3 cubes of chicken bouillon
1.5 tablespoons of molasses (and started singing the theme song to Splash Mountain).
1.5 cups of water

This recipe was made very quickly and I was able to marinate my meat for a while before making dinner for the evening.

The only recommendation I'd have about this is to set some of the sauce to the side (to add to the dish later, if you wanted). Once it is marinated in the raw meat juices, you really probably shouldn't use it in the stir fry...just to be safe.

This tasted fantastic and it was so easy. My husband and I both give it a thumbs up. So, there you have it, if you are going soy-free and you still like your stir fry, here's a good alternative.

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