Monday, March 10, 2014

Goo Bags

I've been posting a lot about food recently. Which, I suppose, makes sense because I *love* food. I am a foodie. I like trying new, not-too-exotic foods, I like making new things and I'm trying to be a little more daring, so food has been my go-to Pinterest tests.

However, I did a different test the other day with my son...and it was mostly a hit. Goo bags.

Photo from Pinterest
First of all, it was simple to make and didn't take too long. Basically, just follow the directions in the blog above. I didn't change anything. She even gives you pictures of what the consistency should look like and I took a picture too - but decided you didn't need mine, since hers is already there.

I put the goo into separate bags, which was a bit of a messy challenge...and then added the food coloring.

Three things I noticed:
1) I used one gallon sized bags and 3 sandwich bags. The gallon bag held together better, but there wasn't enough for many colors, unless the bag was far from full. So, in the future I would probably double the batch of goo.

2) As I kinda said above, use gallon bags. They don't break open as easily. We ended up with blue goo all over the place because my son thought it'd be fun to throw it around a bit. And it was. Until the bag broke open. Then we both may have cried. Ok, that's an exaggeration, he just held me as I cried.

3) I put in lots of drops of food coloring, but my colors were not as vibrant as hellobee's were...except for the blue. I've discovered that the fluorescent food coloring has a much more vibrant color when mixed than the others.

Lastly, this was actually fun for both me and my son to play with. It didn't hold his interest for too long, but that was ok, because he came back to it later and played with it again. I had it out for a few days and it continually brought him back.

Anyway, there you have it. Another idea for sensory play with your kiddos. And now, back to my foodies... :)

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