Friday, August 30, 2013

Rainbow Fan

I recently came across this ingenious idea on Pinterest of making your own rainbow fan. I couldn't wait to give it a try. I was worried about this project. If it was a fail, I would have a super ugly fan in whichever room I chose to put the fan, so I went with the fan from my son's room. Before you gasp, hear me out. My son's fan isn't working the best anymore - it no longer oscillates and it doesn't like to stay in place if you move the fan head up at all. So, it's kinda on its last leg this summer, I think. It was a good fan to give this a try on. Besides, having a rainbow fan in a toddler's room would be pretty cool.

Photo from Pinterest
It took a while to find an actual tutorial on Pinterest for this project, but I eventually did. To see the tutorial, you can click here. Once I found a tutorial, I went out and got the supplies, cleaned the fan blades and went to town painting them.

Pre-painted fan
As you can see, there are some speckles of other colors on each fan blade so after letting the paint dry, I  re-applied the colors, being sure that very little of each paint color mingled with the others. Once the fan was completely dry, I put it all back together. You definitely want to make sure it is actually dry because if you were to turn on your fan and that paint wasn't dry, you would most certainly have a primary-color-speckled wall.

There it is! Boy was I excited to try this beauty out! It looks so neat turned off!! Can I say the same about it being turned on???

Uhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm, nope. Didn't work. This is the fan on it's lowest setting. This is definitely a fail in my book. I'm so glad this isn't one of our good fans. I think if the fan moved at a much slower speed, the blades would look like a rainbow because you can see just the slightest bit of a rainbow (if you look really hard) in this picture. Definitely not awesome though. Maybe I will re-paint the blades one color - that will certainly not make for this ugly color. However, summer is almost over and the fan isn't doing that great anyway...maybe I won't waste my energy on that. Still, it's always fun to try something new and I'm glad I got to see the results.

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  1. I did the same thing and was very disappointed!!!!