Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cool Whip Cookies

A year or so ago, a friend of mine at the community theater that I perform at made some absolutely delectable lemon cookies. She is quite the baker and I was certain that these had to be some kind of challenging masterpiece. Thankfully, they were not! A mere commoner not trained in the art of fancy-schmancy baking such as myself could go so far as to make them and have them even turn out ok. Woohoo! I made them and they were, again, delectable. But, alas, I forgot the recipe. BUM BUM BUM!! But wait; there's more to this I was doing my normal Pinterest scanning the other day, I came across the recipe yet again! Eureka!! To see how to make these for yourself, check out this blog.

Photo from Pinterest
This recipe is incredibly simple and requires little prep, as long as you don't mind store-bought cake mix and cool whip. But, hey, at least I used an egg from my friend's free-range there's that. 

I didn't separate the ingredients at all, just mixed it all together at once. 

All mixed and ready to go
The only complaint I have about this recipe is how messy it is. Everything that the batter touches, and I do mean everything, gets sticky...very sticky. In fact, I tried to use my cookie scoop to put the batter into the powdered sugar, but it stuck inside the scoop like super glue. I would recommend not trying to roll the cookies into balls until after the powdered sugar has been heavily applied - trust me - I learned this the hard way. Since my cookie scooper didn't work, I went back to the old fashioned way of using a normal table spoon. Who knew that was still an option??? 

Ready to go in the oven
It's hard to tell when these cookies are actually done because the dough is yellow and the cookies are yellow, but I found that when they start to turn a deeper yellow, that's when they are absolutely perfect and ready to come out. I took the first batch out too soon and they are a little doughy - still tasty, but doughy. The next batch I left in until I thought I may have ruined them because they were a little darker. In fact, they were still chewy and wonderful, but just not so doughy. Longer baking for the win!! 

The top cookies were baked for longer than the bottom and the top ones tasted better too's blog says you can use all kinds of cake mixes and I'm looking forward to trying more...just thinking about making chocolate crinkles this way sounds wonderfully easy and I'm hopeful it'll work out. In summary, great cookie recipe - way easy - way messy - way tasty. Need I say more? 

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