Friday, August 23, 2013

Mickey Mouse Hairclips

Ok, so this isn't actually a Pinterest Test. This is just a "Hmmm...I bet I could make that..." test. Awhile ago, when I was in Disneyland, I saw these adorable hair clips that seemed perfect for some wonderful little girls that we know that also have a family that is all about Disney. But, I remembered buying my niece a bracelet with those same charms on them, so I went on a search.

 And I found the bracelet! For less than half the price, I was able to make 2 hair clips and the girls got to choose which colors they wanted on their clip. I just needed to buy the clips (which were way cheap) and had to have my hot glue gun ready to go.

 So, the girls picked their colors and the order in which they wanted the charms to go on, and I glued them on. And Voila! Disney hairclips without the crazy Disney price!!

It got me many other little charm bracelets could we turn into adorable hair clips or barrettes? The possibilities are endless!!

Hope this inspires you as it did me! See ya real soon!

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