Monday, August 5, 2013

"Days Until" Sign

Wow...I'm actually writing a post that's not a craft with kids, not cleaning and not cooking related. This is actually a craft I did for me. Just for fun. And, yeah, it was fun!

A while back, I made a "days until" sign for a friend for Christmas. Well, I didn't actually make it - I helped my friend's daughters make it as a gift. Yep, I love crafting with the kiddos. Anyway, I decided I should make one for myself. So, here we are, more than a half a year later and I'm finally getting to it. It's ridiculous that I have such a hard time crafting for myself. I enjoy it, I should do it more often. But, I generally think I should be doing it for someone else if I'm gonna be taking the time away from cleaning or napping (hehehe). I'm glad I did this one for me, because it makes me happy. I didn't actually follow the blog very much, but for those of you who don't have the amazing Silhouette Cameo machine or a Cricut, check out this blog for details on how to do this.

Photo from Pinterest
 The first one I made, I think, turned out really great. But, I changed my mind on how to do this next one and made it a whole lot smaller and added some colorful edging instead of leaving it one color.

The original
I started out this time by painting the whole board in my accent color, letting that dry and then painting the top with the black chalkboard paint.

I let that set overnight, sanded it down a little bit and then cut out my vinyl using my fancy, super-fantastic cutting machine. I decided, since I am a Disney fan through and through to use my Disney font. Even if the countdown wasn't's always fun to think of Disney, so I thought it was a good choice. I'm still happy with my choice.

To stick the vinyl onto the sign and make sure that it was straight, I used the saran wrap cling wrap stuff - you know, the kind that is sticky. Anyway, that helped to get the vinyl in just the right spot without too much hassle of it being crooked.

And there it is! My sign is complete! The chalkboard wipes off really easily with a wet washcloth and it took very little effort. I was worried that after wiping it with a wet washcloth that it would be hard to write with the chalk, but I still had no problem with it.

I am enjoying looking at this each day and counting down the days until our baby girl may be here - give or take a few days or weeks and I look forward to using this board more for other things like birthdays, vacations, anniversaries...oh what fun!

In summary, this is a fun, quick, easy little project that I think just about anybody could do and it makes a terrific gift...for yourself. HA! Or for someone you love, I suppose. hehe.

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