Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How To Make A Glitter Striped T-Shirt

So, this is half of an idea from Pinterest...the lazy half. I saw this idea and loved it. But, the craft store I was at didn't actually have all the supplies I needed, so we improvised. I had my niece and my nephew both make a shirt and they had a blast doing it. I'm hoping to someday follow the actual blog's instructions to a "t," but since I didn't have the ability this time, we adjusted. To see the slightly more complicated, and probably way more effective way of doing this blog, click here.

Photo from Pinterest
We were able to find t-shirts and fabric glitter paint - even the kind recommended in thebudgetbabe's blog, but not the actual glitter. For my nephew, we used a black shirt with some glow-in-the-dark paint.

We started out by laying painters tape on the shirts, just like was done on the blog, and then the kids went to work with the painting. I wasn't overly concerned so we did not measure the tape at all - just laid it down. I'm ok with this. I'm fairly certain nobody is gonna be coming over to them with a tape measure to make sure all the rows are evenly spaced and if they do, well, they may be just a bit crazy...
Peyton and Gabe had to lay the paint on thick in order for it to be seen almost at all and they did alright with that. I did help Peyton at the end to make the paint a little more even, but otherwise, they just did this part on their own.

After letting it dry for a full 8 hrs or more (through the night and into the next day), the kids peeled off the tape. James & Cade really enjoyed this part as they got to play with the used tape. Toddlers. :)

The shirts turned out wonderfully, if not exactly as planned. Last time we had checked, Gabe's shirt did not glow in the dark, but it has cool greyish colored diagonal lines that he painted, so I think he's ok with this. Peyton's shirt doesn't have the pizzazz-y sparkle that the blog writer's did, but she's happy with it, and that makes me happy.

I don't know that I'd call this project a success, other than in the eyes of my niece and nephew who had a really great time making them (and now wearing them), but the other thing is I didn't get to accurately make the shirt so hopefully I'll get that opportunity soon and we will actually know if this is a tried and true or a tried and lied project from Pinterest. I suppose I could've waited until I did the project correctly, but I figure this is still a fairly good little craft/project to do with young'ns, so I'm posting it anyway. 

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