Friday, August 16, 2013

Bread Machine Honey Wheat Bread

I've had a bread machine for a long time, and I have used it maybe twice...maybe. Both times the bread turned out poorly and was darker and dryer than I would've liked. I decided to give it one last go before tossing out that piece of machinery that I've heard so many rave about. And, you know what? It worked. The last go-around saved my bread machine!

First of all, I found on Pinterest this website for how to: bread machine recipes. Fantastic! But, I soon discovered if you don't read all of the directions for your particular bread machine - your bread will most likely never turn out the way you'd like. So, just keep that in mind as well...I never did and I now know why my bread didn't turn out well until today. I read my bread machine's manual front to back and then I followed the instructions on the above website. The specific recipe I used was for Honey Wheat Bread.

Photo from Pinterest
I was watching my niece and nephews today, so they all got to help with the process - I let each child put in an ingredient until all ingredients had been added. They enjoyed participating and felt like they contributed which made it more special for them.

Cade and James watching the magic happen in the bread machine
After all of the ingredients had been put in (in the proper order as per my bread machine manual), we pressed start and the bread machine did all the work - like magic! Added bonus: my house never heated up - no oven meant no heating up the whole house in the middle of summer. WOOHOO!

One tip my bread machine manual suggested was being sure to take the bread out as soon as the machine says it is done - so as not to overcook it, I assume. The picture doesn't do this bread justice - it really was kinda pretty and looked very tasty.

Thankfully, it tasted wonderfully as well. It had Gabriel's seal of approval, which means it was kid-approved. Yay! I will be making the recipe again and (hopefully) if all goes well, I will start making bread regularly so I won't have to buy bread anymore and we'll have our own homemade goodness.

Would I call this a success? Yes. Would I say it is all because of the website I went to? Not so much. Pinterest did not fail me (I mean, I did get a great recipe out of it!) - but my biggest recommendation to all of you losing heart over your bread machines and their lack of making you the perfect loaf of bread; read the manual. It makes a world of difference. And that is my Public Service Announcement for the day. Happy baking!

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