Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How To Freeze Cookie Dough

I love chocolate chip cookies - especially my mom's. Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious. She makes the best chocolate chip cookies around. And now, thanks to my mama, I do too. I stole her recipe years and years ago and now whenever I get the hankering, I can make myself a batch. The bad news is because I stole my mom's recipe, there is no need for her to make me cookies because I apparently can do it myself. D'oh!! Thankfully, if I look pathetic enough, my mom will make me some anyway. I sure have a great mom. I truly do try not to have her make cookies too too often for me, so whenever I make them, I make a double batch and freeze a whole bunch (probably about three-quarters) of the dough.

So, this post is a little bit of a cheat. I didn't get this idea off of Pinterest; it's just something I do and love and thought I'd share it with others.

I start out by making my cookie dough and then baking however many cookies I want. While waiting to put the rest in the freezer and making my batches of cookies, I generally put the dough in the fridge. It may not make a difference, but I think it keeps a little better that way.

After I've made all of the cookies I want, I get out my plastic wrap and my cookie dough and I get to work.

Don't mind the crayons and other crafties on the counter - my son and I were having fun right before I took a moment to make up the freezer dough

Obviously you will want to wash your hands first as you will be handling the dough. I generally use my cookie dough scoop and scoop a bunch into my hand and lay it out as nicely and neatly as I can onto a piece of plastic wrap.

Wrap it all up so it's completely covered and then get out another piece of plastic wrap and wrap it again. I generally wrap it a different direction than the first-time around to ensure that it is truly all wrapped up and sealed.

There you have it. All ready to go in the freezer and it takes up very little space. Because it is just my husband, my son and myself at the moment, this generally will give each of us 2-3 cookies. Well, honestly I don't generally make these until my son goes to bed. So selfish, I tell ya. Either way, it still makes enough cookies for me and my husband. However, if there is more of you in your family that you'll have to make for, you may want to use 2 of your frozen cookie dough rolls.

There you have it. Super easy and so nice to not have to make up cookie dough every time I have an inkling for a cookie - just pull out the dough and let it thaw for 5 minutes. There is no residual freezer-burn taste (and they have, at times - on rare occasions - been in the freezer for nearly 6 months) and they taste just like I had made the cookie dough that day. I love this trick. It's so nice to not have to go to all the extra work of making cookie dough just so I can satisfy that desire to have 2-3 cookies one evening. Besides, this is a great way to work on portion control. At least it always helps me. 

Hope you found this helpful! Have a great day!

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  1. I have experimented with this in the past and it is great when you want the "fresh baked cookie" experience. (Also a good idea if you have your house on the market and are showing it).

    Lately I have been cooking my whole batch of dough and freezing most of the cookies in quart freezer cubes which is just the right size to refill our cookie jar. You don't get the fresh baked experience, but you don't heat up the kitchen either.

    My favorite cookie is what my wife calls "Bette than Store Bought" cookies: