Friday, July 12, 2013

Best Chocolate Cake EVER!

Recently I had a few friends pin this recipe for a chocolate cake that I have actually made numerous times. I am in love with this recipe! So, when I discovered it on Pinterest, I had to write a blog post about it so that everybody could experience the great love for this chocolate cake that I have. Oh-so-yummy!
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So, honestly, I didn't get this recipe by going through Pinterest - I discovered it long ago on Which just so happens to have always been my go-to recipe box for new ideas until Pinterest came along. Although the pin that I saw this on is the same recipe as that of, it came from a different source, but since that's not where I discovered my recipe, I'm going with the site for you to view this recipe. So there! To check out how to make the best chocolate cake EVER, click here.

After seeing a few friends pin this recipe, I got a serious craving for this cake and thankfully - it's easy and quick to make. Well, it bakes for a long time, but the rest of it is easy and quick and doesn't dirty up too many dishes.

I didn't actually have the right sized devil's food cake mix, so I used a smaller one and that just made the cake that much more fudgey. So, just in case you were wondering - it will still work out nicely if you don't have the correct sized boxed ingredients that they recommend for the pudding or the devil's food cake mix.

I made this for our Independence Day dessert and took it over to some friends' house. It was devoured and only a smidgen was left. Probably just so none of us looked to be too much of an oinker. Unfortunately, I was so ravenous with this cake that the drool running down my face kept me from snapping a picture of it after it had cooled and been turned over.

But, here is a picture of the single piece that was left...split into two so I could graciously share with my husband despite my best efforts to hide the rest of the cake for only myself. hehe.

This cake stands alone. It doesn't need anything. I love homemade whipped cream, so I did have some of that on hand and I did put a dollop on the cake, but not because it needed it. This has become a new favorite for most of my family and myself. And, with my mom's birthday coming up next week - I have another excuse to make it! Yay for yummy chocolate cake! I hope you all enjoy this cake as much as I do. It is so good!!

And for a lighter version of the same cake - check out this recipe. However, I should warn you I haven't tried this - it was on Pinterest and looks incredibly similar and probably also tastes incredibly good.

Oh, and I should add that I made this for our pastor and his wife not that long ago and our pastor told me that his dad (who used to be a baker and loves to visit bakeries) would have been impressed with this cake. So, yeah...I'd highly recommend it - the son of a baker said so!

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