Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Removing Water Rings

"Please use a coaster!" I remember hearing that a lot when I was little. My mom would always tell us that if we weren't careful we'd leave rings on her table. The funny thing is, I don't recall ever seeing rings on any tables. My little non-observant eyes failed me in noticing such things, I suppose. As I've gotten older and my "mom eyes" (or maybe it's just "grown up eyes") have kicked in, I am far more aware of the effects of condensation from hot mugs or cold drinks on my oh-so precious wooden furniture. Unfortunately, I don't always catch the condensated (is that even a word??) drinks before they have been left on my furniture. And my furniture reminds me of it...sadly. Thankfully we are in luck!! I have discovered a simple solution, to see the solution, go here.

Here it is...the dreaded ring.

This ring has been here for months and months. A very long time. So the likelihood of it going away seemed very slim, but I gave it a try just the same.

I had my blow dryer on full blast high heat for a good amount of time. I'm thankful for the picture proof, because otherwise I think I may have been unsure if it was actually fading. This next picture was taken about 15 minutes in. Not a significant change, but it was starting.

I had to leave the blow dryer on for a good 30 minutes and I moved it around so it would distribute the heat on that spot more evenly. Cade enjoyed it as he grabbed different toys and experimented with whether the blow dryer would be able to blow the items off of the table. This provided a good amount of entertainment for both of us, which was good since it took so long. As you can see from the picture below, there was still a faint water ring, but after refinishing the table with coconut oil (posting about this soon!), it was completely gone. I think that the faint water ring was actually just where the wood had dried out a bit.

Once the table was buffed, I couldn't find the water ring easily. Here it is, all shined and beautified. I'd say this was a Pinterest success!!

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