Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Homemade Gummies

My son loves sweets. A lot. He is obviously his mother's son. He likes candy and gummy treats. There's not a lot of good stuff in most of those and, although I try my darndest to get the healthiest of these unhealthy treats, I have still been searching for a healthier option that tastes similar because I feel slightly guilty every time he eats them. I've seen lots of pins for making homemade gummies, and I've been curious, but never daring enough to try them. Until today. I made peach gummies. Check out the link here for the directions.

Photo from Pinterest
I was pretty excited to make these. Sadly, they weren't good. Maybe if I had gone with one of the combinations of ingredients that was recommended in the blog, but I didn't. I thought sticking to just one fruit would be a good test. And, I think it was. These don't taste like gummies. They taste like bland jello. Blech! But, if you are interested in making them and would like to see what it looks like, read on.  I used peaches that I had frozen from last fall and mixed them up real good in our blendtec blender then added the ingredients as listed in the blog above. The coolest part was watching the gelatin turn the peach liquid into something that looked like old person skin. Unappetizing, but interesting.

It doesn't seem like it will all dissolve into the liquid, but it eventually does. I think it took about 20 minutes.

After it's all dissolved, then you do a light boil and add in the rest of the ingredients.

Then, pour it onto a cookie sheet and let it set. I put it in the fridge for a few hours. It looks so marble-y and cool. :)

After it set, I took it out, took a picture of how neat it looked and then cut it up.

Then I ate it and tried to choke it down. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it wasn't very good.

In fact, it was so not good, that my son asked for more...but not to eat - just to line up in the cupboard for least they weren't sticky (or at least didn't leave any stickiness) like the processed gummies you get at the store...and now for your viewing pleasure, my son's idea of something fun to do with the gummies.

I guess we will try to a different version sometime, because this was no good. It may have been good if it was what I was expecting, but the consistency wasn't right. I may make them in the future as jello...because they may be good like that, but calling these gummies (although jello is a tad gummy) is false advertising, in my opinion.

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