Monday, September 23, 2013

Sassy Water

Begin pregnant means drinking more water. *Sigh* This is not something I'm very good about doing. Granted, I don't really want anything else to drink, I just don't drink as much water as I know I should. But, that has recently changed. Thank you, Pinterest!! Well, actually, thanks to the link I found on Pinterest that took me to some page in a foreign language where half-way down the page, written in English, was the recipe for Sassy Water. Yep, Sassy Water. Oh boy, is it tasty and refreshing!

Photo from Pinterest
I didn't make it exactly as described, because I made it to go in my water bottle that pretty much goes with me wherever I go. So, my portions were smaller. I also used less cucumber than anything else, because I found the cucumber taste to be too strong originally. Just a hint of cucumber was perfect. But, the mint and the lemon. Mmmmmmmm! Oh, so good!

Unfortunately, because of the water bottle I was using, you can't see how beautiful the drink is. You'll just have to rely on the photo above. What I can say about this, though, it helped taper my hunger in between meals, it was refreshing, and when I emptied the water bottle after a day and refilled it with just water, there was still some flavor in the cup. Lovely. I think the next time I make it, I will try to make a pitcher of it so I don't end up accidentally sucking some mint leaves up my straw. HA! Not that it was bad tasting...a little mint is quite nice and refreshing on it's own. But, I'm thinking the water may have a great taste, and I don't need to have all of the ingredients in my water bottle to make it taste wonderfully.

So, yeah, give this refreshing drink a try - especially if you aren't a big fan of just water. This flavored water is tasty, refreshing and thirst-quenching.

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