Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fun & Easy Paper Plate Monster

Recently, while watching my nephew, Mickey, I came to a road block. I am known for being the Aunt who does projects with her nieces and nephews. I think they all get more than a little disappointed if we don't do something at least a little crafty when they come over. Alas, I had nothing planned and my day with Mickey was jam-packed with activities outside of my home, which means little to no time for crafting. Not that I make a habit of doing a project every time I watch my kiddos, but I do try to do something most times. Thankfully, I found something simple, quick and easy to do. A Fun and Easy Paper Plate Monster AKA Monsters, Inc. Mike Wazowski paper plate.

Photo from Pinterest
Thankfully, I had all of the stuff to make this. I didn't do it just as described in the above blog as I was short on time. We used markers instead, and that seemed to work out wonderfully.

While Mickey colored the paper plate, I worked on cutting out the little pieces. I cut them out of another paper plate so that the paper would be as stiff as the paper plate was. I liked that idea and I'm still happy with that decision.

After it was all colored, Mickey colored in the eyeball and then we worked together to glue on the monster teeth, horns and eyeball.

He was quite pleased with the end result, but wanted this to be a mask instead of just a monster face (always thinking outside the box, this kid.) and, thankfully, I had some large tongue depressors that I thought would work nicely. It didn't hold up very well on the back as I would've liked, but I'm sure with some more time to prep and make it work, it would've stayed on a little better. We taped it to the back of the paper plate and it worked ever-so temporarily.

This was a quick project that required little assistance from my part but Mickey really enjoyed. It's a great rainy-day or it's-too-hot-to-be-outside-day project and it takes just long enough to not be too long. (You know, children with their short attention spans and all...) Anyway, easy, quick and fun. Yep, I enjoyed this one and Mickey did too!

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