Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Homemade Toiletry Carrier

Many, many months ago, back in January, I believe, there was a status going around facebook to challenge people to make the first 5 people that commented on your status a homemade gift, and in return, those 5 people would post the same thing as a status and also follow-through. The idea was great! The expectations of it actually getting done? Probably, fairly low. But, I completed mine! I finally did it. It only took me 9 months. Oh brother. At least I did it eventually though! I found this great little project on Pinterest, but without instructions, so I improvised and made it as best I could. As stated, there are no instructions, but the blog that this was linked to was still pretty cool at showing a few different DIY projects to give you some ideas - so it may be worth a little look-see. Check it out here.

Photo from Pinterest
Because I didn't have any instructions to follow, I tried my best to use what the Good Lord gave me to create this nifty washcloth carrier. I started out by laying toothpaste and a toothbrush on a washcloth and sticking a pin in between them, moving them over once in order to make 4 pockets, and then started sewing.

I cut two pieces of ribbon and on one side of the washcloth, I sewed them both together, being sure to get under the fold of the washcloth fabric so the stitching wouldn't show quite as much.

I then sewed where each pin was in place to make four pockets, being sure that the ribbon was, again, underneath the fold in the washcloth. 

Here it is, all rolled up with toothbrush and toothpaste inside.

This was way quick and way easy. In order to make it a little more special and not so much exactly the same for each gal that I was making one for, I asked each of them to tell me their favorite colors and things that they loved. Then, I used my silhouette cameo and some fabric ink, and painted each one to be unique for the friend that would be receiving it.

Without doing the painting, this project took about 10 minutes or less for each washcloth carrier. The hard part was the painting, but it was also rewarding and fun to spoil my friends with something more than a "blanket" project. I will totally make these as gifts again...and will probably make one for myself as well. (My apologies to any friend who receives this at some point and doesn't feel so "special" anymore. This does not negate your specialness, as much as it proves my laziness. hehe) So easy, quick and handy. Hopefully my little tutorial will help you be able to make it as well, if you wanna.


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