Friday, September 27, 2013

Coffee Filter Leaves

Looking for a nice project to do with your kids to welcome in fall? Here's a fun one: Coffee Filter Leaves.

Photo from Pinterest

I made this last year a few different times - once with my niece and nephew and once with some of Cade's "big sister" friends. I don't have pictures of the kids as they did the project, because this was before I started my blog - so we only have the end result, but hopefully that'll be enough.

Playdrhutch's blog suggests getting a leaf from your yard and tracing it. I live in a newer neighborhood that has nothing but flimsy leaves, so that wasn't an option for us. Instead, we opted to print out a template (of different shapes of leaves), trace them onto coffee filters, and then cut them out. The template we used can be found here.

The kids had a great time scribbling, making designs, drawing pictures and writing words on the leaves and then watching them disappear into fuzzy, pretty, mashed up colors on the leaves after they were soaked with a wet paintbrush. However, I would recommend putting the coffee filters on a baking sheet before soaking them with water so the colors don't leak on anything important.

If it's a nice day when you make this, you can even let your coffee filters dry outside (which is a much quicker process for the little ones who don't tolerate the wait as well as others...).

We actually cut our leaves out after they were dry - that way we could pick the parts of the dry painted areas that we liked the most...but, you certainly could cut them out before too - either way it will work beautifully.

The leaves all took on their own colors and lives and we thought they were just beautiful. We ended up taping them to our window, and they seemed to have just a little bit of stained-glass look to them. That was unexpected and very pretty.

This is such a great fall project. What a great way to get in the mood. Put on the kettle for hot water to prepare for hot chocolate or tea, pop some popcorn and enjoy the afternoon with your kids decorating your home with homemade fallen leaves. Happy Fall!

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