Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Soy and Dairy Free Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

I had to make breakfast for my recent MOPS meeting and I was at a loss. What should I make that I could eat (given my dietary restrictions due to nursing my daughter and my daughter's dietary needs)?  As usual, Pinterest to the rescue as I gave these Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins a go.

Photo from Pinterest
One of the setbacks that I discovered was that chocolate chips have soy in them. NO! I really like chocolate chips. Thankfully, I discovered dairy and soy free chocolate chips. (By the way, this may be only funny to me, but my brain was working faster than my fingers and instead of typing dairy and soy - I typed "doy." hahahahaha! Not that funny?? Ok...moving on....)

Here's what they look like - you can click on the text above to buy some from Amazon.
So, I used my "Enjoy Life" dairy, nut & soy free chocolate chips (which taste remarkably like normal chocolate chips), and called it good. I did not have any almond milk, so I used coconut milk - and that seemed to work just fine. I did not use cupcake liners, although that probably would've been easier, but the pan was actually rather easy to clean. Having stoneware probably helped with that too. I was able to make just 12 muffins without any extra batter.

After baking them, I took them to MOPS (still in the stoneware so they'd have time to cool) and my lovely friend who is in charge of hospitality for MOPS, put them on a platter for me - and took a picture. So, here it is: my baked soy and dairy free banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins.

I enjoyed the flavor and the texture of these. I probably would use a few less chocolate chips next time because it tasted rather rich to me, but it was still very good. This has not been kid-tested, but I have a feeling that my kid would've liked it (any time chocolate chips are involved, he's pretty much on board...like mother like son.) I, unfortunately, didn't ask for feedback from anybody at MOPS, but I'll give you my two cents: they weren't too bad and I think I will make them again. Maybe I'll make them with blueberries next time! Although, chocolate is always a good choice...doy! ;)

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  1. They were amazing! Lots of people complimented them. Well done!