Thursday, December 26, 2013

Traveling: The Spills

Have you ever flown somewhere only to land at your destination and discover your shampoo has exploded all over your luggage? Yeah...*ahem* neither. Honestly though, I think I learned this the hard way; if you don't put it in a plastic bag, it's gonna explode on everything and not just your other toiletries. It's quite frustrating. However, there is a solution! To read about this and many other traveling tips, check out this blog.
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Just wrap your full-sized lotions, shampoos, etc. with plastic wrap! How easy is that?! I tried this recently as we flew to Texas for Thanksgiving. I've not had the experience of exploding lotions and shampoos all that often, other than when it was already in a plastic bag. But, pulling it out of the plastic bag afterwards is messy and the bag can't really be reused as easily. So, I gave this option a try.
 I struggled with it just a bit because it wanted to bunch up as I would tighten the lid on my lotion, but it still worked! My lotion and shampoo and other toiletries made it to Texas without any fluids coming out. It was most excellent.

So, there you have it. A quick, cheap little trick for you travelers out there. Happy trails!

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