Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Cards: The clean up

It's time to undeck the halls and clean up the holly. It's time to throw away the 5 pound fruitcake and take down the Christmas lights. It's time to get rid of the Christmas cards everyone sent you...or is it?? I love Christmas cards. I especially love the ones with pictures. I love the others too, but the picture Christmas cards make me so happy. I just was never sure what to do with them after the holidays other than put them in a box to look at every once in a while. There's no way I'd be able to frame each and every one of them. But, thanks to my friend Haley, I now have a new solution. She told me this little trick last year, but doesn't remember it at all. I'm glad she remembered it long enough to tell me though, because it's brilliant! Want to hold on to your Christmas cards, birth announcements, or any other cards you may be interested in and make it fun for your kids to look at too? Create a book with them! All you need is a hole punch and some rings like you would find in a binder (you can get them from office supply stores or even Walmart or Fred Meyer for super cheap).

I like to write the year on the back of each of the cards for my reference. After it's dated, I hole punch the picture and then put it in the binder rings.

Put it on the rings with the rest of your Christmas cards, make a cover if you wanna (I have yet to do that) and you have a make-shift photo album that you and your loved ones can enjoy!

Thanks to my sister for the Christmas card, hers gets to be the example. :) 
You can do this with normal cards too. That's how I've been storing all of the cards that I've gotten from showers and such since my daughter has been born, but because it's not pictures, I'm just using one ring in the corner. Those cards will be put in her memory box and this way they will all stay together. I love finding new solutions for storing my pictures and other stuff that I am too clingy to get rid of. :)

So, if you are clingy like me, I hope this gives you a helpful solution. May you all be blessed in 2014!

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