Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Refinishing and Refreshing Your Wood Furniture

A little note to my readers: Every week, I have a goal to do at least 3 blog posts in that week. I have been falling behind on this goal far too frequently, as of late, so my goal is going to change. My goal is to write at least two blog posts a week. I planned on picking days, but I'm not going to just because my schedule with the littles is unpredictable. Thank you, dear readers, for coming back and continuing to read my posts despite their inconsistency. And with that, on with the blog!

A while back, I wrote about removing water rings from your wood furniture. Today, I'm gonna cover the next step of that. My wood cabinets and tables look worn. They look rugged and a little warped. They've needed to be refreshed and an extra measure of TLC and I finally managed to do so. See that worn look?

It wasn't hard. It took very little time, but it just wasn't my top priority.  I had recently bought a large container of coconut oil from Costco and since I had it on hand and just saw this handy little tip on Pinterest, I tried it out. You can check it out here.

This was so simple. Seriously. It couldn't have been easier - take a little coconut oil on a rag and buff your wood furniture. 

Before the coconut oil
After the coconut oil

This took very little time and my cupboards and tables looked amazing. Here is an after picture of the cupboard. Isn't it amazing, the difference?

I did this a few weeks ago and looking at the cupboards now, they still look quite nice. I think a good buffing every 6 months will be plenty. There you have it - tried and true and working great. 

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