Thursday, January 9, 2014

How To Cut An Onion

Who knew that there was actually a proper way to cut an onion? I had no idea...until recently! Thank you, Pinterest! To see how to do this for yourself, check out this blog.

Photo from Pinterest
So, the other day I posted a terrific turkey soup recipe, and in the process, I did a double-whammy Pinterest Test, because I did this test as well!

Just follow the steps on thankyourbody's blog, and you will be thanking me for sending you to their blog. Isn't it funny? Rather than coming up with my own special stuff, I use other people's...definitely not very original. Oh well, you can thank me for sending you to thankyourbody's blog anyway. :)

This was seriously no harder than cutting an onion any other way, in fact, it made it easier for keeping the onion together.

See how nicely it stayed together? Only the cuts at the end fell apart. And, not only that, it seems I usually lose a lot of my onion when taking off the skin (is it just me?). This prevented that as well!

I don't generally like big slices of onion, so I then cut my onions again and since onions have layers (as anybody who has seen Shrek knows), the layers were already individualized anyway, so this just made my cutting that much easier!

Seriously! This took no time at all and it was so much easier. Yeah, you should do this...unless you have a skill for knife-weilding...then you keep doing it your way. I, however, do not. And this was terrific.

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