Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Homemade Turkey Soup

If you still have leftover turkey, have I got a mouth-watering recipe for you! I found the PERFECT recipe for leftover turkey. I have made it three times since the end of the holidays (with 2 different turkeys) and am in love with this recipe. I, of course, found this recipe while searching Pinterest for something to do with my leftover turkey. Check it out here.

Photo from Pinterest
We definitely modified this recipe quite a bit, but the results were wonderful. Here's what we changed:
We didn't actually have celery on hand, so I used celeriac (which is a root vegetable that tastes very much like celery).
We added kohlrabi, which tastes a lot like broccoli (and is so very tasty). Pretty much, we altered this recipe by adding any veggies that we felt would be good in it.
I didn't have turkey broth on hand, so I used a few cans of chicken broth. The result was still quite delightful.
I cooked the pasta separately, which made a huge difference for not sopping up all of the soupy goodness.

Those were the biggest changes I made. I'd highly recommend this dish. It was tasty and warm and just a really good comfort food. I think next time I make it, I will add in one more can of broth (I have been putting in two, plus water) as it could still use a little more liquid. But, overall, this was definitely a Pinterest win that I hope you all will get the chance to enjoy sometime.

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