Friday, January 17, 2014

DIY Magnets

This is, yet again, another edition of not-actually-something-I-found-on-Pinterest posts. A few years back, while attending MOPS, we made these adorable round fridge magnets. It was so simple and enjoyable, I've been making them frequently as gifts ever since. (If you've received these as gifts, it's because I care - not just because it's's also because I like you enough to make you a gift instead of just buy something). :) Here are some that I have made in the past. Aren't they adorable?

For this post, I will show you how to make some that I made recently for an online auction. I made OSU (go Beavs!) and UofO magnets. So, what you will need is:

Paper of your choosing - I found a book of stock paper on sale for the magnets above, for the magnets below I, obviously, paid for individual pieces of paper.

2" Hole Punch - this is the most expensive part of your purchase (and it isn't even that pricy), it has come in handy on multiple occasions for me.

Button Magnets

Mod Podge (which is what was used for the magnets above) or Glossy Accents Glue (which is what I used for the magnets below)

Clear Accent Gems (like you would find in a fish bowl or flower vase). These are on sale at craft stores frequently.

Once you have all of your supplies, start by taking off the back of the hole punch so you can easily collect your round pieces of paper, line it up where you want it to punch out and punch away. Put a little of the glue adhesive on the gems and lay your paper down (the glue should be on the side of the paper you want to see). Then, apply your magnet to the back. That's it! Easy-peasy! My 2 year old son actually helped me make these - it was that easy. He applied the magnets to the back for me and even with his assistance they work wonderfully! I like to put 5 in a cloth bag and give them as gifts. It's fun, easily themed, simple and nice because it is home made! I have made these with family pictures in them as well. Those are way fun (but far more time-consuming) and my mom still has some on her fridge!

And for your Duck you go!

And, as I said before <ahem> GO BEAVS!

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