Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mess-Free Finger Painting

This, I must confess, was not something that was done recently. In fact, it was probably done close to a year ago. But, I still found it to be fun and entertaining for my, then, 1.5-year-old son, so I thought others might appreciate it as well. In fact, I may try it again with my now 2.5-year-old son. I bet he'd enjoy it even more! To check out more about this project, look at this blog. Also, I just checked out this blog again to re-read it, since it's been so long since we did project and, funny story, she actually links back to another blog that she found on Pinterest that gave her this idea. Yeah...we are all just a bunch of swipers - stealing one good idea after another. Well, I am, anyway.

Photo from Pinterest

Anyway, I put four different colors into one ziplock bag and let my son run his fingers all over it. Not that it appears that he's doing more than looking at it in this picture - still...he did start getting into it at some point. Seriously. He did.

After he played with it for about 10 minutes, he became bored. Not bad for a less-than-2-year-old. 

I decided to try my own little twist and give it some texture; creating more sensory fun for him. I added rice to the bag. That was fun for less than the 10 minutes he'd previously had. I think he was just done. Either way, it was still worth a shot. Maybe something not so pointy should be tried next time. It didn't pop the ziplock bag, but it did get close and I'd rather not take the risk. I really like Thehippiehouse's idea of just bringing the bag back out once in a while - it's not like the paint will go bad! Also, using one or two colors would probably be a better idea as well. Aw well, live and learn. At least Cade enjoyed it for a bit of time. 

P.S. - please don't mind the boy in the diaper...I can rarely keep clothes on him...

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