Friday, October 11, 2013

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

It was a dark and stormy...afternoon. My husband was at the Oregon State University football game (go Beavs!) and my son and I were hanging out at home staying warm and dry. But, the day was missing something: warm, homemade, comfort food - Loaded Baked Potato Soup.
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My goal was to make a crockpot recipe, but as I looked into recipes, this one seemed to jump out at me and it looked heavenly. So, I went with it. 

I did not find this recipe on Pinterest - I wanted something that was a little more convincingly tried and true. I would've pinned it on Pinterest if I was talented enough to figure out how to pin stuff that I find on the web, but, unless there is a widget allowing me to pin it - I have no idea how. So, instead, I'm just gonna post about this non-Pinterest test. Which, by the way, was an absolute success. 

This recipe took a little bit of work to make, although mainly it was just a lot of dirty dishes and not too time consuming. My mom, my husband and I all thoroughly enjoyed this. For the three of us, we probably could've halved the recipe and still had far too much. This was fantastic as leftovers as well, by the way. Oh my, it was good. 

My picture doesn't look near as tasty as I didn't add "garnish" like the picture shows; I just mixed it all together and away we went. It wasn't as pretty, but it was just as tasty, I think. 

Next time there is a cold, blustery evening, I'd suggest making yourself some of this rich, hearty, tasty soup. It's a hit!

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