Monday, October 7, 2013

Chicken Breast Crock Pot Fajitas

I got chicken out of the freezer the other night...anticipating that I would want to make something with it the next day. What I was gonna make had yet to be determined, but I knew chicken was going to be a part of it. And probably some tortillas. Mmmm...Mexican food. Yep, that's what I decided on. I generally make chicken fajitas on the stovetop, but I was intrigued by the fix-it-and-forget-it ease of the slow cooker recipe I found - so I gave it a try. To check out the recipe, go here.

Photo from Pinterest
This recipe was very easy to follow. I've actually made this dish twice now, leaving out the cumin the first time (I didn't have any on hand) and I think I may prefer it that way. Either way, the prep time was about the same as it would be if you were making this on the stovetop (due to having to cut the veggies) - other than you don't have to cook the chicken first. Yay! One less step!

Sorry for the blurry pic - I was in a hurry.... to eat! hehehe.
As you can see, I used less chicken than the recipe called for, since it was just for me and my husband and my son and we still ended up with leftovers.  I also didn't use the normal green, red and yellow peppers that are customary for fajitas. In our produce box we ended up with some different peppers that had a bit of a kick. Cooking them in the crock pot was just the ticket as it seemed to taper down the heat of the peppers. The second time I made this, I did use normal peppers and it was still quite tasty.

After the meat was shredded, I dished up our tortillas with the veggie/chicken goodness and we all thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. I would highly recommend this recipe. I don't have a picture of it all plated...I guess I got too hungry to take the time for the pic. *Sigh* story of my blog, recently. hehe.

Either way, this was tasty, easy and how nice to not have to prepare much at dinner time! I'd call that winning! .... I can't believe I just wrote that....

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