Thursday, June 20, 2013

How To Make Tutus

A few days ago, I posted about our little bundle of joy coming in October and what the sex of said child would be. If you missed that blog, you can check it out here. In that blog, I mentioned that I actually did a double-whammy gender reveal; I just saw too many good ideas that I just had to use! This is a post about our other picture gender reveal that we did.

I decided it would be fun to stick with the shirt theme like we did when we announced we were having another baby. So, this time, I made my son a shirt that said "Big Brother." And I made baby a shirt as well. Well, I didn't make the shirts, I made the designs on the shirts using my awesome silhouette cameo machine.

I decided that just having the little onesie for baby girl didn't seem girlie enough. ha! So, I decided to make a tutu. I was originally going to buy one, but thought that was a rather large waste of money when I could easily make a simple one and later on spoil our baby with tutus when she's here. This was so very easy to make! I searched on Pinterest for directions and of course found what I was looking for.  To see how to make them for yourself (in pretty much any size you choose), check it out here.

Photo from Pinterest

I cheated a bit and didn't follow the directions to a "t" as baby girl probably won't actually be wearing this cute little tutu. But, the directions were so simple! I plan on making some for her at some point. easy! 

I didn't need so much elastic that I could wrap it around a chair as suggested in makeit-loveit's blog, so it was probably a little more challenging than it need it to be for me as I just worked with a loosey-goosy elastic band and tied the tulle around it. 

After I did a bunch of knots of tulle, I pinned the back of the elastic (since little one wouldn't actually be wearing this one) and went on my merry way. It was that easy! Granted, it would certainly be just as easy to sew the elastic together I am certain. The blogger also says you could just tie it around the back which could also be very simple. Either way, this was extremely simple to make and I can't wait to try to make more. Seriously, the ease of this blew me away - 15 minutes and my creation was complete!

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