Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Ironman Mask

I was planning on posting this around October near the dressing-up festivities, but with the recent release of Iron Man, I thought it'd be an ok time to post it. What kid needs an excuse to dress-up in awesome costumes anyway, right?

Last Halloween, my nephew was looking forward to being IronMan and receiving loads and loads of candy. He had the costume; he was set! However, much to his dismay, his IronMan mask had gone missing! What a travesty! Thankfully, we found a way to make our own mask with a template found through Pinterest. To check it out, go here.

Photo from Pinterest
Granted, this was not a fancy-schmancy plastic mask that came with the costume, but it was pretty cool to make one at home.

A couple of things you'll want to know though:
1) you will need a printer to make this;
2) the template is already in color, so if you print it in black and white, it'll just be different tones of grey, black and white, which can still be colored in, but it won't be quite as colorful...although kids coloring things is ALWAYS more fun than watching someone print & cut a, there's that;
3) I used normal printer paper, I think to get this to work out the best, you should use a slightly heavier paper than normal printer paper. Ours still worked wonderfully, but that's just my own observation.

So, I'd count this as a success - Gabe loved wearing his mask and had a great time with it. Did he actually wear it on Halloween? No, I don't think he did. But, the enjoyment he received just from the time he did play with it makes me happy. Plus, it calmed the devastation of the situation. So, yeah, definitely a success.

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