Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainbow Tie-Dye Cake

Last week was my sisters' birthday. No, I didn't put the apostrophe in the wrong spot - my sisters are twins! They are my sweet little sisters. I love them both very dearly and have been ever grateful for the gift God has given me in them.

Me and my sisters...just a few years ago...

All of that to say, for their birthday last year, I made them each a cake - Rebecca (who loves Rainbows), I made the Rainbow Tie-Dye Cake, and for Rachel (who enjoys a good cheesecake), I made an oreo cheesecake. The cheesecake recipe will come later - this post is mainly dedicated to the amazing Pinterest find of the Rainbow Tie-Dye Cake.

Photo from Pinterest
This cake was really not too hard to make - the only thing was it made for a lot of dirty dishes and many steps, but otherwise - it was rather simple and pretty. I don't have pictures of all of the steps, as I did this long before I had thought of doing a blog, but you can see how it turned out from looking at the pictures. The batter on the bottom of the picture was my first attempt, the batter on the top was second attempt with help from my husband - I believe the biggest difference was being sure to not put the same amount on each layer and not trying to spread it - it'll spread on it's own.

I didn't use the frosting that was recommended in the blog, I used one from a recipe I got from Pinterest. Becca, who doesn't like frosting, didn't even mind it! Well...that could've been because it had rainbows in it though. :) I will be posting about the frosting recipe in another blog post very soon. It is deserving of it's own post - it is that good. it is! The best frosting ever.

The frosting was a bit more complicated to make look pretty - that takes a slightly steadier hand than my own. Thankfully my husband helped me with that part too - with his help, it still turned out alright, I'd say.

Here are the two cakes that were made, both seemed to be a success, thankfully. And, I thought they were pretty too. Woohoo!

I think she likes it! :)
The cakes were a yummy success, and I hope to make the tie-dye cake again. It was a lot of fun, and the results were oh-so pretty.

Happy birthday to my not-so-young little sisters. I love you both dearly.

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