Friday, May 24, 2013

Pretty-fying your iPhone

This is a silly little blog today and will only apply to those who have an iPhone...and maybe a Droid...I'm not sure if they make this app for the droid or not. I found a pin on Pinterest entitled "Make your iPhone pretty!" So, being the frilly, prissy, sparkle and pink-loving girl that I am, I was drawn to this pin. But, for months have been far too lazy then to do anything with it. Until today.

Here is what your iPhone can look like, according to the Pinterest blogger. I don't see any reason to attach the blog that goes with this pin, as the directions are no longer on there.
Photo from Pinterest
Because I did not find any directions easily accessible, I did what I could to make my iPhone prettified; I changed a few apps.

To make your iPhone all pretty like this, you need to download the CocoPPa. It's a foreign app, but it still works well and has simple directions in English. I didn't end up making new icons for my mail, phone and messaging because that was far more confusing than just doing it for the apps. So, my best recommendation - have fun with this, but don't get too carried away unless you don't mind putting in more effort than I apparently wanted to. Ha!

Here are some of the apps that I changed the icons for:

See the beautiful Rapunzel background I have on my phone? That was from a picture I took of a painting my husband bought me. I love it.

I am pretty excited about how pretty cute the new app icons look on my phone. Adorbs! Craftgawker is the only one not looking uber cute here as I couldn't find a new icon for it, but I like the other ones a lot!

You do have to save your original icons so you don't lose your info as these are kinda just the facades that connect to the actual apps. I put all of the original icons in a folder on the last window of my iPhone.

I had a lot of fun with this; being able to customize my icons is right up my ally! If only I could figure out how to do the whole phone!! Either way, I enjoyed the cuteness that is on parts of my phone now.

So, this is a pretty cool little app if you are interested in (and have time for) stuff like this - just make sure you read the short tutorial - it'll be very helpful. I may do some more customizing later, but I'm satisfied with the few changes I've made. I'm liking it!

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