Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Help! My white shirt is now pink!

I posted about this on Facebook the other day, but I am just oh-so excited, I want to make sure and share it here as well. Now, I realize I normally post a Pinterest Test of something that I've tried and this is! But this is a bit of an advertisement for a product too...and something I've tried...so I say it counts!

A few months back, I bought myself this beautiful cream-colored turtle-neck with pretty sparkly silver stripes. I wore it twice before the tragedy occurred. My poor, beautiful, light-colored sweater was put in the wash with a little red shirt of my son's. Somehow, that shirt just snuck on in with all of our light-colored clothing. Only my shirt and a pair of my husband's khaki pants were harmed in the washing of this load of laundry. But, alas, the khakis and my shirt were ruined.

I didn't take a picture of the pants, but in desperation and looking for answers, I took a picture of my sweater and posted it to facebook. Unfortunately, not many solutions were given.

HOWEVER, thanks to Pinterest, or at least someone who pinned a recommendation to Pinterest, I found the solution!!

This product is incredible. You can buy this through amazon. I just searched for it on amazon after finding out about it on Pinterest. The box I got was good for one item and it cost me about $6.00 including shipping. They do sell this product so you can use it on a whole load of laundry, but I really was just concerned about my shirt and not so much about the khakis.

I was so nervous to try this. Most of the reviews I read were very positive, but I was worried it was going to ruin my lovely (well...not as lovely) sweater! My mom coaxed me and reminded me that "it's not like you will wear it the way it is now...could this product really make it worse?" She had a point. So, since I was feeling not awesome because of this whole baby-doing-summersaults-in-my-stomach thing, my mom was gracious enough to do this test for me. She tested it on the shirt and the pants and, guess what, it worked on both!!!

My shirt is lovely and doesn't look like I've been beaten to a bloody pulp while wearing it and my husband's khakis are back and useable again. It's just that cool!

Mom said that she was worried for a moment about the khakis when she put them in the solution because the red turned a dark green color...but it still worked! This product rocks my socks!! Red or white - doesn't matter. I'll definitely buy this again if I ever come across this issue again. If I ever - HA - we all know it's gonna happen again.

Here is the after shot of my sweater:

See that? As good as new!

One other note: I did not dry my shirt or the khakis after the dreaded washing, other than they did air-dry. As soon as I saw the stains as I was putting things in the dryer, I pulled them out. However, I read reviews that many people had run their clothing item through the dryer and it still worked!

I'd highly recommend this product. It really is incredible. I don't normally wanna push products - I just wanna have fun making stuff and trying stuff out, but...it's just THAT cool.

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