Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vinegar Weed Killer

Tis the season for flip flops, sunglasses and weed-pulling! Well, it's actually not quite the season for flip flops, but thankfully we've had a few days that could convince me otherwise. Oh how I love the sunshine! I love being out in the sun. I like to have a reason to be out there though - sitting out there reading (which sounds absolutely delightful on a tropical island or next to a pool) doesn't sound quite as lovely as I look out over a weed-infested yard/driveway. Ok, I don't soak up the sunshine from the driveway unless I'm washing my car - but the weeds are still growing in the cracks of my driveway and it is driving me crazy!

So, I took matters into my own hands, thanks to Pinterest! Yesterday, I made my own solution of vinegar and soap for a weed killer - to see the directions for this, check out this blog. There are so many amazing uses for vinegar - it's pretty much a go-to ingredient for a lot of home cleaners and other remedy-ish type stuff. Very cool.

Photo from Pinterest
I didn't take a picture of the spray bottle or anything, because I'm pretty sure you get the idea - but I filled my spray bottle (a recycled SHOUT spray bottle) full of vinegar with probably a spoonful of dish soap. I would not recommend testing this out on your beautiful lawn as is done in the picture above because as the blog linked above states - the vinegar pretty much kills whatever it's sprayed on - so...unless you want a lovely brown spot - that may not be a good idea. I'd recommend you test it on your neighbor's lawn first if you want to see if it won't ruin your grass. I kid! Don't do that...please.

Anyway, so I gave this a try the other day. Here is a picture of my weed-infested driveway.

Pretty, isn't it? I have not been looking forward to trying to pull those weeds out by the root. I sprayed them heavily with the vinegar solution and noticed a little bit of a difference the next day.

They are starting to die!! Granted - they are still there, but they are withering! Die, evil weeds, die! Die! Die! that out of my system. I think I'll try spraying it one more time to see if that takes care of the little buggers - but as you can see - it does work at least a little bit! I bet those weeds will be easier to pull now that they are flourishing with life. hehe.

Anyway, I will continue to use my vinegar solution and be thankful for this great tip on Pinterest. I hope it works out for you as well!

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