Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Sew Fleece Blanket

We are still in sweater and boots season, which means we are still in nice, warm, soft, cozy blanket season! So, making blankets seemed like a good project to attempt.

I know many, many people have already done this, but I never had, so I gave it a try. To see how to make this particular blanket, scroll halfway down the page once you click on this link.

Photo from Pinterest
 This little project should be very simple. Well, who am I kidding? It is very simple...if you are good with straight lines and using scissors. I, however, am not good at either of those things. So, instead of doing it exactly as the blog recommended, I layed out my fabrics on the floor as flat as possible and just cut them until they were fairly even. That worked out beautifully for me. The next thing I did was, with a ruler and a highlighter (or some color that was only barely visible on the fabric since I didn't have a fabric pencil or pen), I drew the lines that I needed to cut. This seemed to work out quite well for me as well. 

Everything else was really simple, but those steps are complicated for a person such as myself, so if anybody else has a problem with scissors (anyone??), I thought this might help you.

I did my knots as described in anewchelseamorning's blog. I thought it turned out pretty durned cute and it was so very easy. I was able to mindlessly do this while I watched a chick flick. It made for a lovely evening. The nice thing about this project, though, is that you don't have to do the knots as recommended; you can do whatever knots you want. Which made this project that much better when doing it with some of my little kiddos that were learning to tie knots. What a fun way to learn to tie your knots! Once you've pretty much mastered the knot tying, you have yourself a nice little throw blanket. I really liked this. 

This is a great project for yourself or to start for yourself and finish with little knot-learners (or the more advanced). I hope you get a chance to try this if you haven't already. It is definitely worth it and you can usually find great sales on fleece quite frequently! Plus, doing this with the kiddos is so rewarding! How cool is it to get to sleep with a blanket that you made yourself! So very cool!

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