Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs With Kids

I haven't dyed Easter eggs in so long. I was very much looking forward to picking up that old tradition again with my son and my nephew. I didn't actually want to go buy the egg dyeing kits though...thankfully, I saw all kinds of ideas on Pinterest for decorating Easter eggs, so this is a sampling of the ideas we tried recently.

To see where we got these great Easter egg decorating ideas, check out this blog.

Photo from Pinterest

The two designs we tried were the melted crayons and the tie dye. The melted crayons was way fun and easy and my 2 year old son could even participate in that! That made it extra cool. Both my 8-year-old nephew and my 2-year-old son enjoyed it!! WOOHOO! Success!


The biggest tip I can give you is to make sure the kids don't touch the eggs themselves as the eggs are VERY hot. After I dried them, I put them in the egg carton so the kiddos could start coloring. That seemed to work brilliantly, until one side was done - then flipping them over was a bit of a challenge. For that, I used tongs. I used my hand the first time and ended up with melted crayon dried onto my skin - plus, they were still very warm. The boys were very good about not touching the eggs with anything but the crayons though and it worked wonderfully.

Gabriel, personally, preferred the tie-dyed eggs. They were, in my opinion, not quite as much kid-friendly work though. Dropping the food coloring onto a paper towel I had to do, but the boys got to squirt the vinegar/water solution and I think that's what Gabe really enjoyed.

I set the eggs on the paper towels because they were still very hot. Then, we wrapped them up and put them in a plastic bag for more than an hour.

The end result was pretty neat looking. Not so much on the hands - so watch out for that - if you are hoping to have nice looking hands for pictures or something in the next hour, you'll be severely disappointed; be prepared for some stainage...for a little while anyway.

So, our eggs may have looked a little better if we hadn't used brown eggs, but I still think they look mighty fine. And it was an enjoyable time had by all. Success? I think, yes.

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